Memberships have landed at Tyneside Badminton Centre.

This coming Monday, our brand-new membership scheme and booking system will launch here at Tyneside Badminton Centre.

Membership fees (per annum):

  •  Adults (18+) – £5
  • Juniors (5-17) – £3

Becoming a member will gain you access to a variety of great benefits such as discounted court fees, special shop rates, discounted session rates and discounted restrings. To find out more about our memberships, click here.

If you have not done so already, and wish to come a member, you will sign up through our new booking system – MyCourts.

Members and non-members will now use the MyCourts website to book courts and sessions. Click here to access our step-by-step videos on how to use the MyCourts website.

Block booking customers will still need to be booked and confirmed by centre staff. All block bookings will continue to be invoiced for payment and new rates will apply from the start of the next block booking. To enquire about making a block booking, click here.

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