Tyneside Badminton Centre – Membership Rules and Regulations

Arrival and parking

  • Please drive carefully on the approach road to the car park and adhere to the relevant speed limits. Use the car parking spaces and the overflow car parking. If busy you can park on the left hand side of the approach road, car pointing down the hill. Do not park on the pavements or in a way that obstructs pedestrian crossings as this is dangerous. Sometimes you may have to park on Bowness Road. If this is the case please be considerate to local residents and do not block their driveways.


  • On arriving at the centre sign in at reception – this helps use analyse usage and produce reports for various grant providers – thank you!
  • If you have arrived in the shoes that you intend to play in then please make sure you clean your shoes thoroughly on the matting at reception. All participants should wear appropriate clean, non-marking sports shoes.
  • Familiarise yourself with the evacuation procedures of the Centre. In the event of an emergency the assembly point is in the front car park, opposite the main reception entrance

Respect for other users and the facility

  • Keep noise to a reasonable level
  • Avoid loitering at the back or sides of courts in a way that is distracting to the users on those courts
  • If you have children with you then their behaviour is your responsibility
  • Control your use of bad language
  • The cost of repair to damage above and beyond reasonable wear and tear (e.g. misuse of equipment, vandalism) will be borne by the user
  • Hirers are responsible for leaving the facility clean and tidy at the end of each session – use the bins provided
  • Shuttles should be cleared up at the end of each session
  • Do not pull down on the nets as this damages them and  reduces their height for other users
  • Use only clean, non-marking shoes – if you notice your shoes are marking the courts then return to reception immediately where we can lend you more appropriate footwear.
  • Make sure you leave the court and it’s surroundings in a tidy state, ready for the next user

Casual bookings

  • Casual bookings can be made by telephone. Bookings are for the agreed time period (e.g. 2-3pm), on the agreed number of courts. This includes warming up and cooling down. Usage of additional courts and/or beyond the agreed times will attract additional charges

Block bookings

  • A request for a block booking can be made either online (tynesidebadmintoncentre.co.uk) or by completing the relevant form at reception. No block booking is fully accepted until authorised by the Operations Director
  • Block bookings are made on a “use it or lose it” basis. Rearrangement of occasional sessions contained within a block booking are at the discretion of the TBC. Frequent rearrangement of block bookings times/dates will result in customers reverting to booking on a casual basis only
  • Payment for a block booking must be made prior to the first session and for the full invoiced amount
  • Additional use of the facilities beyond that agreed will attract additional charges at full price


  • Membership buys a single share of the Tyneside Badminton Centre CiC
  • The membership fee is £1 per annum and will be incorporated into your first booking/session fee upon completion of the membership form
  • Only members of the Tyneside Badminton Centre are entitled to make bookings at the facility